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PolarPro YUNEEC Typhoon H/4K 3 Pack Filter Set

    • 49.99
    • $99.99

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*These filters will fit both the Typhoon H and the Typhoon Q500 4k

The PolarPro Yuneec Typhoon Filter 3 Pack includes the necessary filters to maximize the quality of your aerial imagery. The new ultra-light, high definition glass allows you to capture razor sharp imagery, and is light enough to smoothly operate your gimbal. Each filter weighs a mere 4.06g. Each filter is constructed out of a lightweight polymer and replaces the stock UV filter on the Yuneec Typhoon 4k and Typhoon H. If you are trying to capture production quality photos and video, this filter pack is for you. 

2-Stop Neutral Density (ND4)

This 2-stop neutral density (ND) filter is the lightest shade used for filming on mild days, i.e. partly cloudy or during the golden hours. This filter helps reduce highlights as well as reduces lens flare when shooting into the sun.

3-Stop Neutral Density (ND8)

The 3-stop ND is the middle shade and should be used on bright days. This filter helps prevent lens flare, and reduces any mild rolling shutter. This filter also slows the shutter speed enough to blur the propellers when they are in frame. The ND8 filter creates a smooth cinematic look to your videos. 

4-Stop Neutral Density (ND16)

The 4-stop ND is the darkest shade and should be used on very bright days. This filter slows the shutter speed enough to blur the propellers when they are in frame. The ND16 filter creates the smoothest cinematic look to your videos of all the filters. This filter should only be used when there is plenty available light.  



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