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Selfie Drones: The biggest trend in the drone market

Selfie Drones: The biggest trend in the drone market

Jan 19, 2017

Selfie Drone, I didn't think we'd be here yet in the drone world, but we are.  The selfie drone is quickly becoming the most popular kind of consumer drone on the market.  These drones are becoming smaller and more portable than ever, and most of them pack in tons of technology.  Selfie drones were on many Christmas lists last year and will continue to be popular in 2017 as the top drone companies battle over the market.  Let's look at a few selfie drones that are sure to be at the top of everyone's list.  

1. ZeroTech Dobby ($399)

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The ZeroTech Dobby is a selfie drone quadcopter that is very compact.  It does have GPS and smart functions like and for a great price of only $399.  The drone looks very slick with it's apple like smooth finish and shiny white color.. The dobby has brushless motors, foldable arms, adjustable camera and gets around 9 minutes of flight time.  

 2. YUNEEC Breeze ($499)

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 The Breeze Selfie Drone from YUNEEC is a small quadcopter designed to throw in your bag and go.  You can pull it out when you need to take a selfie or capture the great adventure you and your friends are on.  Small, light and full of features, the YUNEEC Breeze is one of the best selfie drones on the market today.

The Breeze maintains that white clean look similar to the Dobby, but the Breeze offers a stabilized camera so your footage will be more stable .  It also has fold out landing gear that will help keep it off the ground when taking off and landing. Unlike the dobby however, the breeze does not fold up as small. It is still very portable however, and the fact that it comes with 2 batteries is a big plus.  

The Breeze features:

-4K Video

-13 MP Stills

-Follow Me Mode

-Orbit Mode

-720 Full HD live feed 

-Selfie Mode

3. DJI Mavic ($999-$1299)

Buy the Mavic Here

Some would argue, including myself, that the Mavic Pro is so much more than just a selfie drone.  I wanted to include it here however because it is a very potable, compact and even foldable drone. DJI continues to show itself surpreme in the world of drones.  They continue to push the envelope and their fans are sure to not be disappointed with the Mavic.  Let's look at some of the features.

 -obstacle avoidance

-vision positioning

-dual gps/glonass

-4k camera

-4.3 mile range

-autonomous flight modes

-12 megapixel stills

So while the DJI Mavic may be more than a mere selfie drone, you can see why it is in the list.  It is a portable, compact and foldable drone.  This is where the drone world is heading and I believe that this trend will continue well into 2017.  



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