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Get The DJI Spark With Low Monthly Payments

Get The DJI Spark With Low Monthly Payments

May 31, 2017

DJI Spark is the newest drone released by DJI. Here at, we offer drone financing where you can buy your DJI Spark with monthly payments. You can choose to finance your DJI Spark for 3, 6 or 12 months. The DJI Spark can be financed for as low as $44 a month. The DJI Spark Fly Mode Combo can be financed for as low as $61 a month. 

The DJI Spark is so tiny it fits in the palm of your hand and is different from all other drones because it can be controlled completely by hand gestures. You can also purchase a small remote controller which is an optional add-on.

DJI Spark sports a 2-axis gimbal, a 16 minute flight time, can take 12 megapixel stills, and record video at 1080p HD. The DJI Spark allows for quick launch, simple control, and easy editing and sharing of your footage. The DJI Spark has 4 intelligent flight modes including quickshot, active track, tapfly, and gesture. 

Quickshothelp you shoot amazing footage with cinematic composition such as rocket, dronie, circle, and helix.

Active Track: DJI Spark can automatically recognize objects of different shapes and sizes then tracks them according to what they are and how fast they move. This makes tracking much easier and more reliable. 

Tapfly with this mode all you have to do is envision your shot and the DJI Spark captures it for you. Just tap your phone screen and Spark will fly in the direction of your tap or exactly where you tapped while actively sensing obstacles. This allows you the opportunity to capture shot after shot with just your fingertips. 

Gesture: Your moments are captured using deep learning gesture recognition with the DJI Spark. This gesture recognition allows you to take selfies with simple hand motions. Control Spark's movement by hand with PalmControl mode. This mode allows you to leave your remote controller and phone at home and still fly your Spark. 

The DJI Spark is scheduled to be released mid-June 2017 along with their Spark Fly More Combo. This combo will include a remote controller, an extra battery, extra propellers, propeller guards, and a shoulder bag. The DJI Spark will be sold in 5 different colors including alpine white, sky blue, meadow green, lava red, and sunrise yellow. The alpine white will be the first color released while the rest of the line-up will come out sometime later this summer.

The DJI Spark is priced at $499 while the Spark Fly More Combo will be $699. Both of these are now available for pre-order at


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