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YUNEEC Typhoon H

YUNEEC Typhoon H

Feb 24, 2016

The YUNEEC Typhoon H is the newest drone from YUNEEC Electric Aviation.  This amazing new hexacopter drone is set to be released sometime in April, 2016.  Anyone looking to buy a drone in 2016 has to have this drone at the top of their list.  At, we have already begun taking pre-orders for the Typhoon H and the buzz around this drone has been amazing.  

We are going to take a look at the key features on the YUNEEC Typhoon H and see why this may be the one of the best drones in 2016.  

1. Retractable Landing Gear

No longer do will you have to crop out the landing gear in your videos.  It's a clear view for 360 degrees.

2. Obstacle Avoidance (Intel Real Sense)

This will be an add on to the Typhoon H drone which allows the hexacopter drone to avoid obstacles that might come in the drones path.  This is especially important since the Typhoon H has follow me mode.  When the operator does not have manual control, they can still have confidence that their drone will not crash into anything.   

3. 360 degree Continuous Pan

Unlike the DJI Inspire 1 drone, the YUNEEC Typhoon H has a slip ring in the gimbal which allows for continuous pan of the camera.  

4. Multiple Flight Modes

Orbit, Journey shots, curve cable cam, and waypoints are drone camera shots that can be achieved with a simple push of the button.  The YUNEEC Typhoon H will have the ability to get you the shots you need.  With Watch me and follow me modes as well, it gives the drone pilot a lot of options.

5. Motor Flight

If one of your motors goes out, you don't have to worry about your drone falling out of the sky.  YUNEEC has given the drone "redundancy", where the opposite motor will counteract and keep the drone stable enough so it can land safely.  This is just another reason you might want to buy a drone by YUNEEC.  

6. Return to Home

A return to home function is nothing new in the drone world, but it nice to know it's there.  When your battery gets too low, it gives you peace of mind to know that you can bring back your drone before it dies.

7. Collapsible Rotors

WIth the push of a button each rotor can be folded down to make the Typhoon H very portable.  

 The YUNEEC Typhoon H is primed to be one of the best drones in 2016.  It definitely puts the pressure on companies like DJI.  We'll have to see what the DJI Phantom 4 brings, as right now there are only rumors.  

Well, the Typhoon H is here now, and you can preorder it at for a $100 totally refundable deposit.  The price is set at $1,799 with 2 batteries and a backpack case.  The Intel real sense will be an add on with the price still yet to be set by YUNEEC.  

Leave your comments below and ask any questions you have about the new YUNEEC Typhoon H or any other drones.  Keep Calm and Drones On.  



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