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Drone Warranty

Drone Warranty

Oct 07, 2015

So you are thinking about purchasing a drone.  The only problem is, you are afraid that your investment will be lost due to an accident.  Accidents happen, and knows that it can be a stressful thing if you drone crashes and breaks.  

We are always striving to offer our customers the best products and customer service.  We are happy to announce that we are now offering a 1 and 2 year drone warranty program through Consumer Priority Service.  When you buy a drone online from, you have the peace of mind to know that if something does happen to your drone, it will be taken care of.


At, we are flyers first, just like you.  I want to tell an experience I hope you never have to endure.  It happened some time ago, but when I think about it, it still puts a knot in my stomach.  My first crash.... I was starting to get confident with my new YUNEEC Q500+ drone.  I was flying faster, and taking more chances.  Well, I got too close to something and...crash.  My heart sank and I was freaking out.  As I was running up to the drone i was saying "it's dead, it's dead."  All I could think was that I just wasted a lot of money (and what is my wife going to say).  

I'm happy to say that my drone got fixed, (at a price and a long wait) and my wife was understanding.  I wish that I had been able to save myself some money and grief and had the chance to buy a drone warranty.  Well, now you have that chance, and is helping you stay in the air longer.  Check out our program and email us with any questions at or call us at 844-SKYBOSS.  

To see how our drone warranty program works and a list of FAQs, click here., we can take you higher.



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