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YUNEEC Typhoon Q500+ Review

Jul 12, 2015

This is Rey again for  We have seen that YUNEEC is quickly becoming a major player in the US market.  They have proven this by hiring a team to distribute their products all across the country.  These reps also provide great customer service to all of their customers.  I have personally been visited by Brian , who drove halfway across the country just to meet me.  He introduced me to the TYPHOON Q500+.  He told me that 9 out of 10 people who fly this drone against the Phantom 2 Vision+ choose the Typhoon.  If this was true, it certainly got my attention.  I picked one up and was anxious to see if YUNEEC could deliver as promised.

When my drone arrived, I was pleased with everything that it came with right out of the box.  You not only get an extra battery and a nice case, you also get the SteadyGrip, a handheld device that you attach your CG02 camera to.  You can switch to the SteadyGrip, open the android or ios app, and continue recording from the ground instantly. This is definitely a ready to fly drone.

Easy Setup

 I calibrated the drone by simply following the directions on the card provided and was pleased by the ease of the setup.  Then the moment of, what a machine.  So easy and fun to fly.  Anyone can do it.  It even has a gain on the ST10+ controller which you can put in turtle mode if you are a beginner or set to rabbit mode for an expert.  I was able to take this bad boy up and immediately felt in control and confident.  Minutes after taking off I was taking great videos and snapping still photos all with one simple click.  (Check out for some pics taken with this drone).This was way better than taking a video and then landing to change the camera over so I can take pictures.  Never again.  The Typhoon allows me to stay in flight and get that shot the first time, as I see it through the 5.5" monitor on the ST10.  

After flying around for a while, I wanted to try a trick I heard you can do to land the Q500+.  You are supposed to be able to just take the throttle to zero and it will land itself.  To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this.  I didn't want to crash my new drone on the first day.  Well, I decided to give it a shot.  The drone came down slowly and almost touched the ground before sensing it , going up a little and then coming down to make a soft landing.  It worked as advertised.  I can't think of an easier drone to fly for a beginner.  

If you're looking for the specs, you can get that from the YUNEEC website.  But take it from my experience with this drone, get your hands on one.  You will not regret it.  This is truly an out of the box ready to fly drone.  It even comes with an extra battery, extra propellers, a case, and the SteadyGrip.  Please share your experiecnce with the Q500+, leave your questions and comments below.  And remember you can get yours and other grerat drones from  Check back for a side by side comparison with the YUNEEC Typhoon Q500+ vs DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.  



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