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The best drone for real estate videos

Jul 05, 2015

The drone world has been expanding exponentially over the past few months, and many industries are trying to see where and if this technology can benefit them.  One of the most obvious industries that would benefit from drones is real estate.  Who wouldn't love to see their property from that perspective?  But, if you are a realtor, and you're looking to get into the drone market, which drone should you buy?  Should you just go and pick up a DJI Phantom and go for it?  Before you do, there is an alternative, one that may better fit your needs as a beginner looking to set yourself apart from other realtors.  

 At SkyBoss Drones, we meet with many realtors who have the same questions and concerns.  They may be apprehensive about flying or worried about the regulations.  At these meetings, we introduce them to the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+, my choice for the best drone for real estate videos.  Many can argue about their favorites, but I believe for many reasons that this drone gives realtors many benefits that others do not.  In this blog, we will discuss these advantages and you will see why the Typhoon Q500+ just might be the best drone to buy for your real estate videos.

Easy to Fly

The Q500+ is one of the easiest drones to fly for beginners.  It has a gain switch on the ST10 Controller where you can toggle from turtle for beginners to rabbit for advanced flyers.  This is a great tool and can give beginners confidence when just starting out.  

Easy to Land

Taking off and staying in the air can be easy to learn, but when it's time to put the drone on the ground, your heart can start pounding.  The thought of slamming your new drone into the dirt and watching it break up into a million pieces can really get the nerves going.  Yuneec has helped with this problem with an auto landing feature.  This is not just a return home feature, but a land assist feature.  When I first had a demo of the Q500+, the rep literally covered his eyes and held the throttle to zero.  I watched as the quad slowly decended, raised up a little as it sensed the ground and then landed softly.  I couldn't believe it. The Q500+ even has an extra wide landing gear stance to make the quad more stable.  You can't make landing a drone any easier than that.  Check back soon in our video section where I will demonstrate this awesome feature for you.


The SteadyGrip is a handheld device that allows you to easily remove the CG02 1080p camera from it's gimble and connect it.  All you have to do is take out your smart phone, place it in the holder, open up the app, and start recording video throughout the property you are showing.  The SteadyGrip can even fit my ipad mini for a larger view.  The camera has a built in microphone so you can do a virtual walk through while you are pointing out the great features of the property.  You can even live stream the video to an out of town client who wants to see the property.  

If you are a realtor and you want to set yourself apart from the pack, the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ could be the drone for you. You can take this easy to fly drone and take video and still pictures of the outside of the property, grab your SteadyGrip and take a video of the inside, all while giving commentary of all the great features.  Yuneecs Typhoon Q500+ may just be the best drone for real estate videos.  Visit to purchase this drone.



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